Sterling Media Management


Time, the one resource you never seem to have enough of....

Sterling Media Management LLC is a small but nimble advertising agency combining a remarkable blend of strategic thinking, imaginative inventiveness and service tailored to the business needs of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and beyond.

  • Your reputation is the heart of your business. We can help you build a Sterling reputation with insightful, thought provoking radio, television, and print messages that capture your audience's attention.
  • Proper purchase and placement of media is critical to reaching the targeted demographic. We guide your selection of media based on an objective analysis of the latest media ratings assuring you of value for your advertising dollar.
  • We stay on top of ad traffic to ensure your message is being delivered correctly.
  • We believe in delivering measurable results to our clients.

We manage your advertising and media needs so that you can focus on what makes your business tick.


"This is one of the ads that we have done. Interested? Try looking at some of the other ads we have done on our portfolio page."


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